Monday, July 3, 2017

No right to reject

No right to reject

You have no right to reject me. I don't want to be the ball to be kicked . My integrity is  loyal and my love is royal.

Fools may not digest or understand the value of transparency , openness , courtesy and courage.

I'm here to share and care with no condition , my bondage is infinite.

Who are you to reject ?
I have every right to share the deepest emotions of soul , idiots can Hear but unable to Listen , to Listen the melodious , sweet song of melancholy.

I too never care  what do you comment on my soul ? Because  I'm the sole Trustee  of my soul.

Your physical gesture is hypocrite , trying to hide hard truth of your own feelings about me , when you don't have constant faith on yourself , how can you understand  the colours my painting ?

Don't try to crush and squeeze my heart which always beats your name , you are there in abstract form and shape , if squeezed you are also seized.

I know my destination , I always travel with His guidance and He only suggested you to accept , I think it is His plot to destroy you from my soul , so you have no any right to reject me

You have no any right to reject me,
Me and it's  me.

----Siddu Yapalaparvi

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