Sunday, July 2, 2017

Love Time

* Love Time*

Thus you met me

Some regular visualisations come true in our life , we should carefully watch them with full of positive approach. Your visit was a big dream because you attacked my strong emotions and caused to express them deeply.
  I too expressed with full of courage and confidence. My openness triggered your inner feelings and made you to mesmerise.

But you took U turn as a precautionary measure to protect your family and personal respect, partially tried to come out.

But that day ' today ' came in my life as you are much deeply moved my heartfelt true words. That's the beauty of real , very real song of the  soul voice to be listened. Your heart gestured to my melodious cry of emotions.

Thanks a lot , rest will also come true without damaging our image , don't worry He is always with US.

---Siddu Yapalaparvi

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