Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Journey

My journey ... ...- started from big village like Karatagi, many unexpected events, which I never dreamt off. After great failure as a student tried to gain something in the field of education.

How strange ! at last succeeded in K.C.D. But that was not the total success, but never tired to fight with life.

Entering into profession was also different. Struggled all the days. Making of regular job was also an experience.

After eight years fight with department and government found few bills in my hand in the year 1997.

Served almost 21 years as a ‘teacher’ in P.U., degree and P.G. Centre, but what felt to jump somewhere else ? My regular touch with media and literature made me to accept new challenges.

Decided to quit campus of KVSR and jumped into Government that too minister’s office. Way was quite unclear VRS rejected but never felt to go back. Wanted to do something new without any detachment with previous personalities and places.

Now reached here in Bangalore as a PRO to Bangalore University, but before this I had pain with government to get deputation. Those two months were like delivery pain.

I don’t feel that in the days to come are also fruitful; but I am adjusted to fight and pleasure.

Hoping everything positively, trying to find some new lights in the new path.