Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Resume


    Siddu B. Yapalaparvi s/o Basavaraj
                                            Sharanarthi, # 123, Vishweshwarayya Nagar,
                                            Kalasapur Road, GADAG-582 103.
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Date and Place of Birth: 01-06-1964; Karatagi, Koppal District, Karnataka State, India
Academic Qualifications: M.A. (English) 1989;
      MBA (Human Resource Management) 2006;
                  Ph.D.: on the topic “Influence of Rabindranath Tagore on Kannada “
                                                      (Registered in 2006)

Professional Experience: Lecturer in English, J T College Gadag 1990 to 1993,
      KVSRPU College, Gadag since 20-2-1993.
      Guest Faculty, Dept. of English,
                                          P.G.Centre KSS College, Gadag; (2008 to 2010)
                                          Public Relation Officer, Bangalore University
                                          (19-10-2011 to 3-10-2012 on deputation)

Human Resource Training: Since 2004 in various fields of education, Public and Corporate Wings through creative school of communication management.
Member of the Governing Council: Kannada University,
Hampi (1999-2002)
Publication: Nelada Mareya Nidhana – poetry collection in Kannada (2007)
      Ettana Mamara Ettana Kogile Travelogue on England in Kannada (2009)
Blog writer:  Reached thousands of readers through net world by writing different Articles, Poems, and short Stories in Blog Siddu Kaala.
Columns: Invited in the Kannada Weekly “Vikranta Karnataka” (Editor- Ravindra V. Reshme)
on topics of  contemporary relevance to Literature, Tourism,Fine Arts and Current Affairs.
Radio Artist: Performed as B grade artist in AIR Dharwad. Voice over and Voice dubbing for Plays and Films.
Stage Actor: Performed 250 street plays in different rural areas.
Tele Documentaries: Directed Three tele documentaries for Chandana and DD1 namely Nammura Jatre, Bhavaikyate and Avalokana.
Acting in Serials: Performed an important roles in kannada Serials.
Public Speech: Delivered invited lecturers on “Vachana Sahithya” in Kannada as well as English; Personality Development  Programmes to students, Government officials, NGOs, College Teachers and other Professional Corporate Institutions
 Editor:  Manohar, Sthree Sahitya Sourabha
National Award: a Silver Medal in recognition of extending quality training to govt. officials in Census 2001.
Travel abroad:         
Visited UK in 2008. Visits to the heritage homes of literary giants of all times – William Shakespere, William Wordsworth and others.

                    A Self Evaluation

Experiences from the journey from a backward village like Karatagi in Gangavathi
Taluk of Hydearabad-Karnataka region to Bangalore have shaped my personality.
There were only two choices - accept a life of limited opportunities or strive to move
forward, taking on the contemporary challenges of the 21 st century knowledge society.
 I have consciously opted for the latter and tried to achieve personal success without
 compromising relevance to society. In addition to my resolve to succeed, studies in
Literature have helped me to draw inspiration from the rich experiences captured in letters
by the great minds.
My travel within the country and abroad provided me valuable personal experiences
 to evaluate the situation and relate it to the societal needs. I also discovered that I had
some ability to write in Kannada; a series of articles, collection of poems, a travelogue and a
 few editorials emerged out of this ability.
 Although the above seem to be mutually exclusive of each other, I have tried to bind them together in a common thread of Human Relation Management and Training for enhanced efficiencies.
Besides my parents, many accomplished personalities with their unique abilities of
immense social value have influenced my thoughts: the humility of my learned Professor
Dr.Siddhalinga Pattanashetty,Former Vice chancellors  Dr. M M Kalaburgi, Dr. N Prabhudev,
insightful analytical  abilities, encyclopedic knowledge of Karnataka’s current affairs  combined
with a concern for social justice and equity of Prof. Ravindra Reshme.
The honesty, integrity, efficiency synergistically combined with compassion in
the personalities of Dr.R. Ramapriya and Prof. R.M.Ranganath (Former Registrar  Bangalore University) all have left an indelible print in my mind.
 I consider extremely lucky and blessed for the opportunities to associate myself with some great contemporary minds.
In sum, I have so far succeeded in combining learning and training (hopefully in the right
proportions) to perform as a socially responsible person, willing to swim in the challenging
seas of 21st century opportunities, without of course forgetting my obligations to contribute
meaningfully to the societal needs.