Friday, August 31, 2012

The Cops dress knocked my mind

                Young man was walking in street with confidence.  He introduced himself as a cop once,   but left the job to protect his ideology of anticorruption.  The entered the politics to clean the  image  of society through the low making way.

                But unfortunately he did not.  Then I felt for him tried to give him better position.            I introduced him to senior politician and requested to fulfill his desire.

                I too felt that I did good job.  That is the  way  of fools to think so… ( Here I am that fool).

                Youngman grew by wing all methods,  got himself quite comfortable position.  His tongue became long and long.

                He has practiced to forget me, take a diseased person.  Sometimes he could not recognize me also.  Now I feel pity for myself.  I think I am the cause for his ill health.

                Now he is flying in sky like colourful kite.  I wish him all success in his future even without remembering   me . I wish him speedy recovery.

                But I am in confusion whether it is true or dream.

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