Saturday, August 25, 2012

Don't Miss Me

Your meeting was quite unexpected. You came, you saw and you conquered.

It always happens so………, but what to do? It is the fun and beauty of life.

Things went on quickly like a motion picture on movie screen. That went in a different way. You took name of God, that is too Baba, then faith was with me.

We breathe regularly without thinking about it. Passion is also like breathing it never waits for our permission.  Very few personal visits brought us closer and closer knowingly entered in to heart, soul and body also.

I was lost with you.

Now trying find you out and in, somewhat…… difficult to get you for some of your personal reasons.

You were running to me like deer, but your steps are reserved. Your visit become rare, but hoping for your old, quick appearance like a jumping deer – dear.

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