Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letters to Love


                It is an inevitable for me to express some of the real agony with you.

                We have many faces but always we try to hide them.  Why believed one face is un answering question.   But still we go on believing persons in a foolish way.

                That has happened with you.  No! It gives many meanings which I don’t want to understand.  If I try to understand your all faces, it goes to false attempt. Knowingly all your difficult faces I have to accept your lovely face, which appears So…..

                 Man has  that capacity to hide his real face,  when it applies to me,  why can’t it with you.?

                 I always try to echo the words of my favorite poet William Shakespeare “…….it signifies nothing full of sound and fury, sound and fury.     Everything sounds strongly but I  pretend nothing is heard and nothing is seen.

                 Once again I say  you that you also believe that I know nothing.  

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